Greencaves investments group.

Greencaves Investment Group (U) LTD (GIGUL). Was established in November 2013 by Jemba Eridad Senkungu Rogers. It is located at Buddo-Nakasozi off masaka road plot 703 Greencaves.
As Greencaves we operate  in property and real estate management, logistics and general trading businesses, buy and sale land, rent houses, building houses on contracts and financial services like loan.

Our services

 They range from; Asset management, Real Estates, Logistics, Money lending/Loans, IT-support, and Education. Plus individuals who want to grow and enhance their own personal brand. It’s really important to us, that our clients are happy with our service.

Property management

Greencaves develops and Manages Real Estates business, we monitor and maintain things of value to an entity or group. It may apply to both tangible assets and intangible assets. We work for exceptional results by providing clients with the best possible service.

Financial Services

We say, Business Sense, Best Deals. We provide financial services to our people, Money Lending that is; Individual loans ,Salary loans and Small capital loans, to all kind of individuals with a business mind , you are looking for the money to begin a small or big business,Green caves is a place to go and achieve your dream. We are there to see you grow financially.


We manage the flow of goods between the point of origin and the point of consumption.
We focus on consolidation and movement of your raw materials to production through custom pack out and labeling per your end customer specifications, Greencaves focuses on providing secure, innovative and time sensitive solutions for our customers. Greencaves strives to provide top tier performance with unprecedented operational excellence.


In the area of information technology, a support firm was started to meet the growing demand of technological support in the world IT Logic, meets all your needs in Software and Hardware on Windows and Linux platforms. Our skilled and experienced Support Team guarantees Optimal Performance for your computers, servers and network infrastructure, understand your IT needs we develop affordable and appropriate solutions that suitably meet your IT Budget.


Education is a key to excellence, Greencaves has also gone ahead to investing in Education to ensure a bright future for our children, a school educating young children from nursery to primary level was established in the names, Spring field International School.
Springfield International School is a friendly, Christian, English Speaking school with a very beautiful environment in Buddo Nakasozi. We invite children of all nationalities, and backgrounds to join our world class school. Springfield provides a caring, positive learning environment where our students are empowered with the skills and knowledge to be successful leaders in our global community. Springfield has quality expatriate teachers and exceptional academic standards